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I’m done with Wordpress.

Friday May 1st, 2020

That’s it. I’ve said. And I’ve done it.

This is a new website, not exactly a blog, where I’d add thoughts and comments mostly about typography. For the time being my previous blog, Typography Studies, will stay there. The main reason to move out from Wordpress are those continuous updates. When I started using blogs, around 2005, I was able to understand the logic behind them. With just a bit of knowledge of HTML and understanding some MySql, PHP. That was enough to know what I could delete and what I shouldn’t touch. Now Wordpress has become a mastodon, it is great for certain companies and needs. I prefer something smaller, with fewer issues.

There was also the issue of the name. I choose it a few years ago, Typography Studies. Now it feels way too arrogant. I wanted to change it for a while, to something that has a less intellectual meaning, and it is more like an umbrella where all things type can happen. Hence, Type Things. Who knows, I might hate it again in five years.

No Wordpress, then what? I also don’t want to go into another content management system (CMS) that is very expensive (considering how little I updated the other blog) or that brings me crazy. The solution is Small Victories An independent ‘content management system-less platform’ that works with HMTL and Markdown, and literally ‘takes files in a Dropbox folder and turns them into a website.‘ I had played with it a little bit in the past but never quite seriously. Now I am using a pro-account, I can type my texts in my favourite writing app (iAWriter), save them in Dropbox and voilà, the blog has been updated. It has, of course, some limitations. There’s no database and hence no space for comments. I guess we would have to go back to e-mails. Not that my blog had many comments, just a few but they were enriching. There are no fancy plugins. No fancy scripts. No tags, not categories. No statistics. No way to know if you were here. No cookies.

Hopefully, this will also mean more writing. More immediate writing, since it does not feel anymore like a heavy-for-ever-blog. We’ll see.