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Rolling bibliography

Thursday 27 August, 2020

Any Phd candidate should be able to manage a bibliography that covers their specific area of study. The territory of my research is public lettering, although my general bibliography covers many other areas (mainly pub history, architecture, London social and economic history, research methods, ceramics, graphic design and corporate identity). I’ve managed, in these last years to put together a decent list of books and articles, and I am sharing here the majority of them, with the exception of primary sources and thesis.

It is organised in books and articles. I have also included a separated list, the city lettering books. Originally this was a separated list, but it make sense having all them together in the same document. The city lettering books include all kind of publications: photo books, nostalgia books, academic books, etc. They all have in common their focus on a specific city or country.

If anyone is wondering about the name, Rolling Bibliography, it was a suggestion from one of my initial supervisors.

Link to the public lettering Rolling Bibliography

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