I had a blog.

I used to have a blog. I called it Typethings.
I did not update it very often.
It was about type, hence type–things.
But the company that transformed Dropbox files into a blog, Small Victories, has ceased their activity.
Now I have a bunch of files in Dropbox.
But I don’t have a blog.

This is a temporary solution while I finish a few things (like my Phd), and I decide how to fix this problem — I’m not too fond of WordPress, and I don’t want to work with companies with obscure privacy policies.
In the meantime, if you are interested, here are some links to my work, articles, and other typethings.

My everyday job at TypeTogether.

My research at UAL: public lettering on commercial buildings.
A public lettering bibliography.
A bibliography in women in design, (as explained in this Alphabettes’ entry.

Where we publish about type, Tipo e [in Spanish].

Articles I’ve written, an exhaustive list.
A selection of some of my articles: the one about working remotely, the one about British biscuits, The end, the one where I declared my love for pigeons.
The Basque letterforms, an example of an article that I published in my recently-dead blog (quickly transformed from markdown to html, sorry for the images).

Side things
A list of latino typefaces that I recommend [in Spanish].
A world map of design bookshops that I created some time ago and needs some updates.
A newsletter about type and lettering, Circular de tipografía [in Spanish].
My old blog, before the recently dead blog.

The office
My studio is based at 115.


We can talk on Twitter o more quietly by email at elena@tipo-e.com

By Elena Veguillas. Set en iA Writer Duo, de BoldMonday. Updated 10 October 2021.

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