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This is a selection of some of my articles, for the full list check this link.

‘The end’, in December 31, 2020 [Here]

‘Resources‘, in April 3, 2020 [Here]

‘Working remotely‘, in March, 2020 [Here]

‘Women in type bibliography‘, in April 1, 2020 [Here]

Introduction, in Personal, the letrazine, a personal magazine by Laura Meseguer, 2019. [Here]

‘Report on Introduction to non-latin type workshop‘, in May, 2019 [Here]

‘Embracing Britishness: musings on biscuit lettering culture’, in August 2, 2018 [Here]

‘Tu castigo será verme feliz — Talking with Carga Máxima’ in November 2, 2016 [Here]

‘Elena Loves Pigeons’, in February 21, 2016 [Here]

‘Lo mejor del 2014… ¡en lettering!’, in December 29, 2014 [Here]

‘Rotulación urbana: 1. Introducción’, in 14, 2014 [Here]

‘Así fue… ATypI 2013’, in November 4, 2013 [Here]

‘Ampersand 2013, dos días de intensidad tipográfica’, in July 16, 2013 [Here]

‘Ampersand 2013, algo más que conferencias’, in June 11, 2013 [Here]

‘TypoLondon 2012 [day 2]: cierre de oro con Irma Boom’, in November 23, 2012 [Here]

‘Momentos TypoLondon 2012 [day 1]’, in November 22, 2012 [Here]

‘Non-Latin typefaces’, in November 12, 2012 [Here]

‘London Design Festival, diez años celebrando el diseño’, in October 10, 2012 [Here]

‘La Tipografía, 1866–1870’, in June 2012 [Here]

‘Crónicas de Reading: Edward Johnston, de sus inicios a Writting, illuminating & lettering’, in March 30, 2011 [Here]

‘Las crónicas de Reading: «Signature»’, in November 20, 2010 [Here]

‘Las crónicas de Reading: «Penrose Annual», un viaje en el tiempo y en el espacio’, in May 19, 2010 [Here]

‘Las crónicas de Reading: «The Fleuron»’, in March 12, 2010 [Here], translated to English [Here]

‘Las crónicas de Reading: Paseme esa times, Mr. Morison’ in, 2010 [Here]

‘Especial lettering’, in Iconographic magazine 03, January 2010 Translated to English [Here]

‘Commercial Lettering in England. Ten case studies of lettering during the second part of the XX century: content, authors, readers and formal aspects’. Congreso Internacional de Tipografía de Valencia. Valencia, June 2010

‘Fotos urbanas, ciudad y tipografía’, in Iconographic 02, December 2008

‘Enric Crous-Vidal, de la publicidad a la tipografía’, Experimenta 31, 2001 [Here]