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The webfonts situation.

Ah, webfonts, our friends when they work and our nightmare when they don’t. Right now (May 2020) I am running the blog using iA Writer Duo, it feels like a monospace but it is not. It is based on IBM Plex, that on turn was based on Nitti, all by Bold Monday. In the Duo version the proportions of M and W are a little bit more roman and a little bit less monospace. They explained it very well in this post.

Update: If you are seeing this in Firefox Chances are you will read it in Duo, but in Chrome and Safari if the webfonts are not uploaded, you will get, well, a sanserif, probably Helvetica. The idea of Courier seems revolting so the code goes font-family: "iA Writer Duospace", sans-serif;. Suggestions to make it better are more than welcome.