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The order.

I‘m still trying to understand how to order the documents, and even how to name them. Here there are not pages and posts, like in Wordpress, it’s all basically a string of documents one after the other.
I’m calling Document 00 to the basic information that should be always handy and that will stay on the top of the list (sidebar on the left). The new entries will be numbered from 01, and they will be shown from oldest to newest. I would rather have it the other way around, new at the top, but I haven‘t managed to make it work yet. Sure, I could number them from 100 to zero and once I’ reached zero I could start another blog! I will continue to experiment and keep this page updated.

Update n1. The order in the sidebar is alphabetical, and that seems like something I cannot change in this Small Victories theme. It matters because there are no categories or tags to organise the entries, only the menu on the left side. Changing how to organise it after 50 entries will be painful. The decision has come now. This site will have 999 entries. Starting from the 999. Older posts will be at the bottom, newest at the top:

–Documents 00: basic information, contact, cv, that sort of things.
–Documents from 999: everyday posts.

Update n2. Or, maybe, I could have read the documentation.